Unsecured Small Business Loans

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Many Choices

In addition to the possibility of funding directly with All Business Loans, we also work with a broad range of alternative lenders. By working with such an extensive network we are able to take advantage of each lender's niche and expertise. All the options available make it possible to fund over 90% of the requests that pre-qualify through our online application.

Why Try Us?

Traditionally an unsecured business loan from a bank is difficult to qualify for as a small business. You will most likely have to provide a personal guarantee. The problem is that when most businesses are in need of capital to grow they are also in the worst position to provide a personal guarantee or otherwise some collateral to secure the loan. Our loans do not require collateral, a personal guarantee, or a good credit score. Instead we focus on the performance of your business.

What We Look At

While credit can play a factor in how much you receive or how long the repayment terms are, we look beyond FICO and put an emphasis on the performance of your business. Some of the thing we looks at are:

  • Monthly Revenues
  • Average Daily Bank Balances
  • Time in Business
  • Negative Days
  • NSFs (Insufficient funds charges)
  • Host of other factors related to business performance

How Does It Work?

After filling out the online application you could be funded in 48-72 hours. The repayment terms on these types of advances usually range from 4 to 12 months and have rates between 19% and 45%. Payments are normally arranged to be automatically drafted out of your checking account using ACH.

Other Options

Don't think an Unsecured Small Business Loan will work for you? Check into a Merchant Cash Advance.