Merchant Cash Advance

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A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) allows you to get an advance on future credit card receivables. At All Business Loans we regularly work with an extensive network of Merchant Cash Advance lenders. Let our experience and expertise provide you with the quickest funding and most favorable terms.

Why Try Us?

A Merchant Cash Advance is a simple alternative way to unlock capital to grow your business. It is not necessary to put up collateral or a personal guarantee as part of the advance. Since MCA lenders focus on cash flowing through your credit card sales and overall business health, a weak credit profile or short time in business are not an issue.

How Does It Work?

After filling out the online application you could be funded in 48-72 hours. Your Repayment terms are not fixed and instead based on a percentage "hold back" on credit card sales. The hold back percentage is usually between 5% and 40%. This means you will only be paying in accordance with the amount of sales generated on any given day. Let's use an example loan of $10,000 with a 20% hold back and a repayment amount of $13,000. If on day 1 there are $1000 in credit card sales the merchant processor would give $200 to the lender and $800 to your business as usual. The loan balance would then be $12,800. If on one day there are only $100 in sales then only $20 would go to the lender.

Other Options

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