Asset Based Lending

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All Business Loans regularly works with the top asset based lenders in the nation and our close relationship with them benefits you. The lines of credit or loans acquired through this funding approach are backed by inventory, equipment, accounts receivable, or other balance sheet assets.

Benefits of Asset Based Lending

Backing the loan with an asset has a clear advantage over unsecured types of loans since interest rates are ordinarily lower and approval amounts higher. Typically this type of loan fits well with a business that generates large inventories, commercial accounts receivable invoices, or has valuable equipment or machinery. The funds can be used for anything, including but not limited to, operating expenses, capital for restructuring, buyouts, mergers, and more.

Why Look to Asset Based Lending

Asset based lending can be a particulary beneficial avenue for businesses who have a shallow sales history, have gone through a recent restructuring, are relatively new, or you as an owner have less than stellar credit. Loan packages can be put together quickly and offer a high amount of flexibility.

Factor Funding

Another term that is used when borrowing against outstanding invoices is Factoring. Factoring is another flavor of asset based lending where credit and collection functions are outsourced to provide a revolving line of credit. If considering Factoring realize that it is an entire financial solution offering credit protection, working capital financing, receivable bookkeeping, and collection services.

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