Small Business Loan Types

As a small business owner, you know that all decisions lead back to you. Having a strong sense of ownership in your business, as well as possessing the ability to make decisive choices quickly, means that you will enjoy a greater probability for success.

When the time comes to making decisions about the financial health of your company, many business owners get nervous. The right types of small business loans are the answer for many business owners, yet the details surrounding the acquisition of a small business loan is foreign to many.

Determining the Right Loan Type for Your Business

There are several types of business loans, and this is truly an area where one size doesn’t fit all. When determining what type of small business loan your company needs, one must consider the basic needs of the business. Does your business require quick funding? Or, do you have the ability to wait weeks, possibly months, until you receive the cash your business needs?

Most small business owners don’t have the ability to wait for funding, so traditional sources of small business loans like banks or credit unions may not be the answer. Also, these institutions typically only grant loans to those who have stellar credit files and years in business. At All Business Loans, we don’t require perfect credit to obtain a small business loan. We can typically arrange funding in a matter of days, and bad credit is not an issue!

Why All Business Loans is Your Key to Success

At All Business Loans, we specialize in two basic types of small business loans: the merchant cash advance and the unsecured business loan. The merchant cash advance is a terrific choice for those who experience fluctuations in their revenue patterns. After the loan proceeds are paid to your business, a percentage of your daily credit card receipts is held back to make your loan payment. This enables a business to pay less during slow sales days, and more when times are good. What other type of loan allows that?

An unsecured business loan is just that – a no collateral loan that is designed to get needed cash in the hands of business owners quickly. Payments are automatically deducted from your bank account of choice, and terms are available from 4-12 months.

Our experienced network of lenders at All Business Loans serves a variety of businesses and aims to provide the quick funding you need, with terms that just make sense. You know your business better than anyone – let All Business Loans help your business succeed no matter what financial barriers are in your way.

Our Types of Business Loans

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