Let us do the leg work for you! All Business Loans is your go-to online shop for getting a small business loan or business expansion loan. We bring you choices from our network of business lenders to find the loan option that best fits your needs

Our process makes it simple to apply for business loans online. The breakdown below summarizes our small business loan types and requirements so that you can get started with the right business loan for you!

How our loans work

Merchant Cash Advace

Merchant Cash Advance

You can qualify for a merchant cash advance if your business processes VISA and MasterCard sales. This type of business loan is based on your future sales and not your credit. Typically a lender will provide 100-200% of your monthly gross sales total from up to $500,000. A payback amount is prearranged and taken from your daily sales, which is normally 10-25% of daily sales totals.

Unsecured Business Loan

Unsecured Business Loan

An unsecured business loan may be best for you if you run a cash business and don’t accept credit cards. This loan program takes into account your gross income as demonstrated through bank deposits, your length of time in business, as well as your personal credit.

Note that you do not need perfect credit. Our alternative lenders are accustomed to helping business owners to get a business loan with less-than-perfect credit. They can be more aggressive with their approvals of bad credit business loans due to accounting that’s based on gross deposits. An ACH process is employed for a 4- to 12-month payback period.

Apply for a business loan

We make the process simple and painless for getting a small business loan.

Loan Process Step 1

Step 1

Fill out your information to receive a call from one of our loan agents or call 1-800-742-2995.

  • There are about 10 basic questions that help us understand how much capital you need.
  • You can feel comfortable supplying your information because our site is completely secure. We protect data just like a bank would.
Loan Process Step 2

Step 2

We search our lender database for the loan rate and terms that best match your business needs. Our proprietary matching service considers multiple factors, including:

  • Your business industry
  • Time in business
  • Monthly revenue
  • Requested loan amount
  • Requested repayment length
Loan Process Step 3

Step 3

We will request additional documentation to get you approved

  • Your Loan Agent will explain what additional information is necessary. This may include a few bank statements, a short application and credit card statements in certain cases.
Loan Process Step 4

Step 4

Loan approval and funding

  • Money is deposited into your bank account
  • Your repayment schedule will begin as agreed upon with the lender
  • Call your loan agent at All Business Loans for any additional questions. We’re here to help!

This all happens in 24-48 hours. Getting a small business loan is that simple!

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