Small Business Loan Industries

Businesses across various industries have unique requirements. Inventory management, payroll, operational processes and service models for an automotive repair shop may not perfectly translate to what a beauty supply shop needs. With this in mind, All Business Loans knows that you are the expert in your industry.

When searching for business loan by industry, it is easy to become frustrated at the limited loan offerings for certain industries. Some industries are considered high-risk by traditional lending sources, like banks and credit unions, which can lead to limited availability of business loans for good, hard-working business owners.

Choosing Your Business Industry Loan

At All Business Loans, we specialize in merchant cash advances and unsecured business loans. Our lenders serve a variety of industries including restaurants, beauty establishments, automotive repair facilities and more. The most important factor that we look at is the amount of revenue your business is generating via your merchant terminal. Using daily credit card receipts as a gauge of the overall performance of the business, we are able to lend up to $500,000 in as little as three days, and practically all industries are supported!

Industry loans can be difficult to obtain through traditional sources. Banks and credit unions typically only lend to those with near perfect credit history and a lengthy time in business. At All Business Loans, we offer business loans for bad credit. Your past performance is the basis for your loan, and your payments are tailored to the future revenue of your business.

Have a slow day at work? Your payments are tied to the amount of revenue for the day. Have a great day of credit card sales? You’ll have the ability to make a larger payment and pay your loan off even faster. Business loans by industry, no matter the industry, are designed to help your company solve its short to medium term financial issues, with affordability and practicality in mind.

Industries We Serve

Below are some of the primary business industry loans that we offer through our vast network of lenders. Click on a link below to read more about the industry loan.