A business cash advance feels very much like a loan. You apply, money is deposited into your bank account after approval, and a repayment plan is established. The inherent differences between a business cash advance and a traditional business loan lie in the application process, funding timeframe, and repayment terms. A traditional business loan requires substantial documentation and may require weeks or even months to complete. A business cash advance works in a similar way, yet the application process takes minutes, approval within a day, and funding within three business days. Business cash advances are flexible, affordable, and can be put into place quickly.

What Are The Key Benefits to a Business Cash Advance?

Time sensitive borrowers will love the fact that the online application for a business cash advance takes literally minutes to complete. Documentation is minimal, and most applicants will receive an offer from a lender in no time! After the borrower accepts the offer, the lender will deposit the funds into the borrower’s account within 72 hours. This is an extremely quick turnaround time for a loan that requires minimal documentation, is not driven by the applicant’s credit score, and has such flexible repayment terms. Regarding the payment structure, the business cash advance is unique in that it takes into account the current sales of the business and tailors the payment to the sales level. This compensates for the peaks and valleys of businesses’ operating cycle, and eliminates the burden of high payments during lean sales times.

AllBusinessLoans.com Specializes in Business Cash Advances

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