ACH, or automated clearing house, is a secure network that links all of the banks and financial institutions across the country. For those seeking a quick, unsecured loan through, the credit card advance framework so common to many of our loan products does require that a business process payments with a credit card terminal. Some businesses have credit card capability and others do not. For those that do, the issue of system compatibility may force a complete switch of credit card processing terminals. This may be inconvenient or may not be feasible given the integrated card processing/POS systems that many businesses use. For those that do not use credit card processing terminals, yet want a quick unsecured loan based on previous sales figures, an ACH processing feature may be the answer.

So, How Does it Work?

You have agreed on a loan, the terms have been set, and the money is about to be deposited into your account to help fund your next venture or stabilize your cash flow. With a typical credit card advance loan, a portion of your sales is held back each day and used as a payment on the loan. For those that do not have credit card processing, an ACH processing loan is the answer. Each day, a set amount is transferred from the business’ bank deposits to a lockbox account. This is a completely secure, third party bank account that will hold the deposit for 24 hours, hold back the percentage required to make the loan payment, and deposit the remaining amount into the borrower’s primary business checking account. The benefit here is the fact that no credit card processing terminal is required, or no change to an existing terminal has to be made.

Apply Today For an ACH Loan

ACH Loan processing is a sophisticated yet simple way to put an unsecured loan in place for your business. By harnessing the power of a third party lockbox approach with 24 hour funds availability, the ACH process is safe, secure, and makes repayment of your unsecured business loan quick and easy. Click on the application link and let shown you how an ACH loan can improve your business in a matter of days!