Dental and Medical Office Financing

We all think of Dr’s as being wealthy professionals never in need of money. We forget though how much money they may have had to borrow to pay for their medical education. This enormous amount of debt can make it difficult for them to obtain medical and dental office financing. All Business Loans helps medical professionals secure the capital they need for financing new offices and established offices.

Dental and Medical Office Financing Needs

Dr’s come across the need for capital all the time. Reasons for needing dental and medical office financing are for expansion, equipment, payroll, or just plain working capital. Seasonality, believe it or not, does occur in the medical profession. There is cold and flu season, which can boost visits, and times during the year when visits slow down (like in the summer for most). Regardless of what specialty you are you may need financing. Equipment and outfitting a dental office is a huge burden. The specialized machines can run in the 100’s of thousands. Furnishing a waiting room tens of thousands. When you are waiting for your name to be called you rarely take notice of what goes into setting up a simple waiting room. All that specialized furniture costs money. Dental and medical office financing allows for medical professionals to expand their practices and open a second, third, or even tenth office. Providing this type of financing is what All Business Loans does successfully.

Will Bad Credit Prevent Me From Receiving Dental and Medical Office Financing?

Bad credit will not prevent All Business Loans from finding you dental and medical office financing. They have relationships with alternative lenders all over the country each of which specialize in different forms of financing. There are those that especially provide capital for medical and dental professionals with bad credit. They have proprietary algorithms that look beyond a credit score and focus in on the office’s performance as a business. Strong cash flows and revenues are what drive their approval decisions. So, do not allow bad credit or time in business stop you from growing. Apply for dental and medical office financing today and secure your capital in less than 7 days with All Business Loans. You can also call directly 1-800-746-6227.