Business Technology- An Up and Coming Opportunity

Business Technology

Over the past 5 years, people have made millions of dollars creating simple applications that can be downloaded via smartphone for as much as $10 to completely free. These applications are not only revolutionizing how we interact with our smartphones, but also have a major impact on small business people and how they run their businesses. Today, people that own small businesses like you and me are capable of taking these programs, previously confined to a laptop or desktop computer, on the go to maximize efficiency and save valuable time. I mean, let’s face it, nowadays time is money and when you are a small business, neither can be wasted.

Choosing The Right Business App

But how do you choose which apps work well for your company? How can you assemble the apps on your smartphone to work together with each other without wasted space, money or time? There are a few simple steps to organize your apps so that they work together, and save you not only time and money, but the headaches of having to dig through all of your apps looking for information that should be readily accessible. According to Forbes, your first step is to simply make a step of the apps you are currently using to handle your business information and to eliminate any redundancies, any apps that essentially serve the same purpose. Your next step is to simply do research on the apps, check out their website and see if any are programmed to work well with another similar app. Your time might seem too valuable to deal with the headaches associated with pairing the apps, but the potential of the effort could very well outweigh itself. And lastly, Forbes recommends the use of your social media pages(Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) for recommendations from friends or ex-colleagues that know programs that make your information accessible faster and easier to view.

In the end, the least this will do is buy you more time to deal with customers and clientele and less time digging through your smartphone apps looking for information. If technology really isn’t your thing, you might want to talk to a business technology consultant on a need be basis, or hire a part/full time IT person to update and operate the necessary applications. Not only will it benefit you, but your clientele will love to see your contemporary-green if you will- methods of maintaining your data and information.