Small businesses across America know that access to responsible and affordable loan funding is vital to the health and success of an individual business. Those in the Houston market know that competition can be fierce and that their businesses need to stay on top of their finances. Access to quick cash is a key characteristic of a business-friendly market. Houston enjoys a population of nearly 6 million residents and offers low taxes, easy zoning guidelines, and a diverse economy. For those who are looking to grow their existing small business in the Houston area, access to affordable funding is key.

Many traditional sources of small business funding are designed to accommodate only those business owners with nearly perfect credit, lengthy times in business, and the ability to wait extended periods of time for a loan approval. Most small business owners do not fit into this group, and are left to secure less than desirable loans. Some of these include personal cash advances and personal unsecured loans. These loans are characterized by extremely high interest rates and unfavorable loan terms that rarely solve the financial issues of the small business owner.

A loan through All Business Loans allows the business owner to manage financial situations that seem to arise unexpectedly. Two options are available for those in the Houston market – an unsecured small business loan, or a merchant cash advance loan. Unsecured business loans can help businesses in the Houston area by providing quick and affordable funding, including bad credit business loans. For those companies that have a documented history of sales, a merchant cash advance loan can provide a significant amount of cash, in little time.

Merchant cash advances utilize the power of your business’s future receivables as security for the new loan. Here is a basic outline of each step in the loan application/approval process:

  • Click on the Get Started button to begin the application process – you’ll need to answer 10 basic questions to get started
  • You’ll be contacted by one of our loan specialists who will tell you what documentation will be needed to complete processing of your loan application (typically a few bank statements, a few credit card merchant statements, and a few identification documents)
  • Your funds will be available within 24-72 hours!

For those seeking a responsible, affordable loan in the Houston area, consider an unsecured small business loan or merchant cash advance loan through All Business Loans. With terms designed to fit any budget, as well as funding quick enough to solve just about any short to medium term financial situation, a loan from one of our lenders can help practically any company achieve a better position in the Houston market.