Austin, Texas, is a small business powerhouse. Bolstered by a substantial increase in population over the past five years, a growth in private sector jobs, and an increase in entrepreneurial upstarts, Austin has emerged as a region that embodies the best of our national small business spirit.

For those in the Austin area that own or operate a small business and need access to quick cash, a small business loan may be the answer. All Business Loans offers business owners with less-than-perfect credit or no collateral the ability to secure funding that is necessary to ensure the continued growth and health of their specific business.

Traditional means of securing bank loans typically revolve around banks and credit unions. These institutions, though, tend to have lower approval rates than other lending choices and can make the process of applying for a small business loan a drawn out affair.

Other options for those seeking small business loans in the Austin area are cash advances and unsecured business loans. Unsecured small business loans are generally more difficult to get than other loan types, but do offer the flexibility of not having to pledge collateral to the lender. Cash advances are not the best choice for the Austin-based business owner who needs to access cash at affordable terms. These loans are generally short-term solutions that demand large payments and have high interest rates.

At All Business Loans, we offer loans based on the actual revenue totals for your specific business. This is accomplished by analyzing your credit card merchant revenue statements, which allows us to determine how much money your business earns through your merchant terminal. This amount is used to establish a responsible loan amount that can be used to accomplish a variety of short to medium term financial goals.

To repay the loan, our lenders will hold back an agreed upon percentage of your future credit card merchant terminal receipts. The best part about this repayment plan is that it allows you to pay a small amount on slow sales days, while bigger sales days allow for larger payments. These larger payments will help pay your new loan off quicker, allowing you to eliminate the loan payment from your business budget.

For a short-term business loan, you’ll be able to partner with one of our approved short-term financing lenders to submit a loan application. For those who are running a business that has verifiable sales and has been in business for some time, our merchant cash advance loans and unsecured loans can help provide the short to medium term funding you need. Simply complete the 10-question application and one of our loan agents will contact you to discuss next steps. With a 90% approval rate and generous terms, finding the Austin small business loan you need may be just a click away!