Texas might be blessed with seemingly endless expanses of open land and a rapidly growing population, but it still takes plenty of work to establish and run a successful business here. Whether you run a nascent Internet business in Austin or an established dental practice in Dallas, you’ll be floored by the sheer variety of small business loans in Texas.

If you need some bridge capital to cover a temporary accounts receivable shortfall, short-term Texas small business loans might be just what you need. If you’re looking to use your leverage to expand your firm and become a household name around the state, long-term small business loans in Texas can help. Fortunately, the process of obtaining a life-giving infusion of capital is as easy as can be.

For starters, it takes five minutes or less to apply for a Texas small business loan. To earn access to our trusted network of top-notch lenders, you’ll simply need to use an intuitive online form to submit some basic information about yourself and your company. You’ll be asked for your contact information, your business’s total revenues, your credit card policies, the amount of time that your firm has been operational and the primary industry in which you operate. Once you’ve sent in your application, you’ll quickly receive a personal phone call from a lending professional who specializes in Texas small business loans.

Since every Texan company is a little different, you won’t have to accept a one-size-fits-all lending solution. In fact, your lender will be drawn from a network of Texas commercial loan providers. Based on the responses that you provide in your application for small business loans in Texas, our powerful matching system will connect you with the lender that best fits your needs. From there, you’ll work out a customized loan agreement that’s easy to understand.

Even well-meaning traditional banks can keep their loan-seeking small business clients on pins and needles for weeks. We operate much differently: Regardless of the size of your request for small business loans in Texas, you’ll receive your approval notification within 72 business hours of logging your application. Many applicants are approved in just one day’s time. Apply today for access to the fairest, fastest Texas small business loans around.