Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an escape destination for many. As some visitors may discover, Las Vegas can live up to its reputation as “Sin City.” But, with a rebounding small business segment that needs the support of financial systems and organizations to keep growing, Las Vegas is a city of immense potential. As the nation pulls out of the great recession of 2008/2009, Las Vegas is an area that our nation must keep a watchful eye on – to ensure continued growth in this important region. Small business owners in the greater Las Vegas area can turn to financial support from banks, credit unions, alternative lenders, or quick cash establishments.

Banks and credit unions are the destinations of choice for some businesses, but the low approval rates and inflexible loan terms that are the hallmark of bank and credit union loans tend to turn the majority of clients away. Many of these institutions require several years’ time in business, mandate nearly flawless credit profiles, sometimes demand significant collateral or personal guarantees, and can place a business owner’s personal assets at risk should anything adversely happen with the business loan. Quick cash lenders are generally considered a last choice for any borrower and can charge exorbitant interest rates. These loans don’t offer much flexibility for the borrower, and can end up placing the business owner into a worse situation than before the loan was extended.

At All Business Loans, we offer unsecured small business loans as well as merchant cash advance loans. Each of these loan options offer significant benefits to the borrower, including substantial loan limits, quick funding, and liberal credit terms. Those seeking a small business loan in Las Vegas will find that our merchant cash advance loans can deliver up to $500,000 in less than 72 hours (sometimes as quick as 24 hours!). The merchant cash advance is a simple yet effective loan option that utilizes the power of future credit card merchant sales as collateral.

By repaying the new loan with a percentage of future credit card sales, a business is able to access an amount of cash that will help address an array of financial needs. Repayment terms are incredibly flexible, as a small payment is made each day based on the actual amount of credit card merchant sales for the business. Slower sales days result in lower payments – perfect for the business owner who has a cyclical or seasonal business. Days that see more robust sales figures will permit a larger repayment amount, which can help rapidly lower the outstanding loan balance.

To begin the application process, simply fill out our online application, and one of our loan representatives will contact you to discuss your approval and the terms of your business loan. Funding is available in 24-72 hours, and your ability to meet the financial needs of your business will become a reality.