Chicago Business Loans

Small Business Loans in Chicago – How Can We Help?

For those operating a business in Chicago, the challenges can be immense. As a big city with a significant number of small businesses, Chicago business owners face immense competition that can add a level of stress not seen among business owners in other areas of the country. Oftentimes, working capital must be used to expand the business, meet payroll, purchase additional inventory, and keep suppliers happy. For those who are able to meet these financial requirements, business can flourish. All Business Loans is able to help by providing much needed funding in a short period of time.

How Does a Loan Through All Business Loans Work?

At All Business Loans, we know that utilizing traditional channels when seeking a business loan in Chicago can be a difficult undertaking. Banks and credit unions impose high thresholds of tolerance in terms of credit qualification, time in business, and profit and loss. While banks and credit unions play an important role in the nation’s small business landscape, they frequently turndown those borrowers who truly need the money to help their businesses succeed.

Our lender network helps small business owners in Chicago unlock the potential of their future earnings, and can provide a custom-tailored loan solution to fit the needs of the business. Here is how it works: By analyzing a company’s credit card merchant statements we are able to estimate future earnings. These future receivables are factored into a loan amount that can used for a variety of purposes. We don’t require good credit, and there is no loan application fee.

Why Does a Loan Through All Business Loans Make Sense?

These loans not only offer high approval rates, favorable amounts of cash, and quick funding timeframes – they also boast flexible repayment terms. Our lenders will hold back a specific amount of your daily credit card sales to repay the loan. This means that on slow sales days you’ll see a lower amount allocated to the loan repayment. On impressive sales days you’ll see a larger amount allocated toward the loan payment – helping payoff the loan in less time. If you’re seeking a flexible and affordable small business loan in Chicago, look no further!