All Business Loans provides business loan solutions to organizations across the nation. One area that is in significant need of access to small business funding is Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is a booming city with a population of over 400,000 – many of whom have started their own entrepreneurial ventures. A large percentage of these small business owners have been traditionally underserved in terms of access to business loans and credit products.

With many of these businesses owners finding it harder and harder to secure available business credit, a large percentage are using personal funds, family loans, and credit cards to satisfy the needs of their businesses. If you are a business owner in the Atlanta area who requires access to affordable business credit, All Business Loans is the answer.

At All Business Loans, we understand that not everyone has perfect credit. We also know that it is unpractical for many business owners to wait weeks, if not months, for small business funding through traditional sources. If your Atlanta-based business is in need of funding for a variety of reasons – to meet payroll, to complete a storefront upgrade, or to order inventory for an upcoming sales campaign, a loan through All Business Loans can help.

Business owners in the Atlanta area can rest assured that our lenders don’t require you to have physical collateral or for you to pledge personal assets as a guarantee against the loan proceeds. For the small business owner who has an immediate need for cash, our quick and easy application process can help with those short to medium term cash flow issues.

Here is how it works: Simply apply online (or call us, we’ll be glad to help either way!) and enter the required information – both personal, and for the business. After that, we’ll ask you to provide some basic documentation. One of the most important forms that we’ll ask for is your merchant credit card statement. Typically, we require a few months worth of merchant statements, which allow us to establish a pattern of income. Based on this income, we are able to establish the revenue amount for the business and provide a loan amount relative to these credit card transactions.

Upon approval, we’ll provide a loan amount and repayment terms to fit your needs. We will establish a holdback percentage, which is a specific percentage of your business’s daily credit card billings that we holdback as repayment on your new loan. The great part about this repayment plan is that it processes a smaller payment on slower sales days, and a larger payment on those days that see more credit card sales. This allows for much needed flexibility for those Atlanta business owners that need small business funding – especially those who operate seasonal or cyclical businesses.

Looking for a small business loan in Atlanta? Through our large lender network, we can offer an extremely high approval rate, no credit score requirements, and the ability to access thousands of dollars within days, not weeks or months. Combine this with flexible repayment terms and a simple application process, and you have a recipe for small business success!