San Diego Business Loans

Quick Funding is Available Today for San Diego Business Owners

For those small businesses seeking quick funding and an affordable means to secure much needed cash, a business loan through All Business Loans makes perfect sense! The San Diego business environment is highly competitive – yet can also be rewarding and lucrative for the business owner who knows how and when to invest hard-earned money into growing their specific business. For those San Diego business owners who recognize the need to inject much needed capital into their companies, a small business loan is not only a good idea – it can truly build a company!

Several Types of Business Loans Can Help Your San Diego-Based Company

Small business loans in San Diego usually boil down to a few options – difficult to obtain secured business loans that typically require the owner to pledge family assets as collateral, high-priced and low limit unsecured loans, and asset-based loans. Most borrowers find that bank and credit union sponsored secured loans are difficult to qualify for and that unsecured loans provide minimal cash to satisfy business needs. Asset-based loans utilize the revenue history of your company to provide a foundation on which to build a loan. This amount, typically proven by the company’s credit card merchant statements, is used as a factor in the overall lending decision and may permit higher loan amounts and favorable repayment plans.

How Do I Qualify for a San Diego Small Business Loan?

Simply apply on the All Business Loans website and provide some basic information about you and your company. Once this information is complete, we will ask for a few pieces of documentation to begin the loan process. An important component to your loan application is your credit card merchant statements. These show how much money your business generates via credit or debit card sales. At All Business Loans, we are able to lend based on this amount.

Once your loan is complete and the much-needed cash is in your hands, we will hold back a pre-determined amount of your daily credit card receipts going forward. This means that on slower days you’ll have to pay less against your loan, and on better sales days you’ll be able to make a larger payment that can pay your loan off quicker. If you are seeking a small business loan in San Diego and need cash quickly, apply today!