Small Business Funding is the nation’s leading matching service connecting you with the most diverse and experienced alternative business lenders.  Our network offers you access to quick and easy working capital to meet your individual business needs.  Through years of partnership gathering and relationship building, we have put together a program to suit almost every business type and financial situation, with ease.

We recognize that small businesses are the driving force to grow our economy.  In good times, as well as the challenging times, business owners need a fast cash flow solution to make payroll, purchase new equipment, expand inventory,  pay taxes, etc.  Fact is, our lenders don’t care what you use the funds for, as long as it helps grow your business and increase your revenue!

If your company was turned down by traditional lending sources, such as banks and other commercial lending institutions, Small Business Funding is here to help.  Let us take all of the leg work out of the search for the right type of loan and let you focus on what you do best.  We bring you choices and you decide which loan option best suits your needs.

There are two types of funding opportunities that our lenders offer:
Merchant Cash Advance Solutions: A lender will buy a small percentage of future credit card sales and advances that money up front.  The benefits of this program are:

  • Cash within days – No lengthy process
  • No need to change your current processor
  • No personal guarantee or collateral required
  • Only a 500+ FICO needed to qualify
  • See How it Works page for more details

Unsecured Small Business Loan: No credit card merchant account required.  This loan is calculated based upon monthly revenue/sales.  This loan type has become more popular recently, due to the ability to offer cash-based businesses, capital options.  Some benefits of this program are:

  • Loans up to $250,000
  • No personal liability
  • Tax deductible
  • Use the money for ANYTHING

Small Business Funding wants to help you get the working capital you need to expand your business and keep you growing.  Welcome to our family – we look forward to serving you.